Vintage Special Editions:

These three editions were not intended for sale but were won through a competition, i.e. by cutting the proof of purchase, or sticker, located on the back of the box itself, at the bottom right.
Sagittarius Galacxian War: Competition from 20 January 1987 to 9 June 1987 (only with the purchase of the Bronze Horsemen V1).
Pope: Competition from 23 November 1987 to 7 March 1988, (only with the purchase of the Bronze Knights V1, the Steel Knights and the Golden Knights).
Odin God Robe: Competition from April 30, 1988 to August 31, 1988, (only with the purchase of the Knights of Asgard).

Piece estimate:
Pieces of Sagittarius: N.D.
Pope Pieces: 10,500 units
Odin Pieces: 15,400 units

By: Frank Cat