Born in Tokyo, December 6, 1953.

He began his Mangaka career at the age of 21 with Sukeban Arashi.

His best-known manga is obviously Saint Seiya from 1986, very successful and translated into numerous countries and languages ​​(over 50 nations including Italy with the title: THE KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC), and ranked 20th in the commissioned ranking from

Weekly Shonen Jump in 2007 on the best-selling manga of all time, with over 25 million copies sold in Japan alone, exceeding 34 million copies in 2013.

In Japan, his other manga (Ring ni kakero, Fuma no Kojiro and B't X) have also achieved excellent success.

From his most famous manga, some anime TV series, OVAs, animated films, musicals, video games, live action and numerous merchandising products have been produced.

Kurumada himself has also written the lyrics for several songs of some of the theme songs of the various animated series (TV and OAV) based on his works, as well as having worked as a collaborator in the anime series and musicals.

In Japan some promotional posters for the 2011 film Clash of the Titans by Louis Leterrier were designed by Kurumada himself, the director of the film also admitted that he was inspired by the Knights manga for the design of the armor worn by the deities in the film.

He also opened an anime and manga shop called (Seiya Club) in Japan in 1996, and in 2012 a small museum near his studio dedicated to his works and the numerous products inspired by them.

During his long career he has worked in collaborations with artists such as:

Shingō Araki and Michi Himeno, his collaboration with the animation house Toei Animation is long and historic.

He himself personally chose young mangaka to create spin-offs of his works, including: Megumu Okada, Shiori Teshirogi, Chimaki Kuori, Yun Kouga.

His manga studio/company located in Tokyo is Kurumadapro.

He is currently working on three manga: Saint Seiya - Next Dimension - Myth of Hades, sequel to his most famous work, on Otoko Zaka (sequel to the 1984 manga), and the sequel to Fuma no Kojiro.

List of Kurumada comics in chronological order:

  • Otokoraku (1974, 3 Tankōbon) 
  • Sukeban Arashi(1974-1975, 3 Tankōbon) 
  • Ring ni kakero (1977-1983, 25 Tankōbon) 
  • Kojiro[7] (Fuma no Kojiro) (1982-1983, 10 Tankōbon) 
  • Raimei no Zaji (1983, 3 Tankōbon) 
  • Otoko zaka (1984/2014, 9 Tankōbon) 
  • The Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac) (1986-1991, 28 Tankōbon) 
  • Aoi tori no Shinwa: 〜Blue Myth〜 (1991-1992, 1 Tankōbon) 
  • Silent Knight Shō (1992, 2 Tankōbon, unfinished) 
  • B't X (1994-2000, 16 Tankōbon) 
  • Akane-Iro no kaze (1995, 1 Tankōbon) 
  • Shin Samurai Showdown (1995, 2 Tankōbon) 
  • Evil Crusher Maya (1996, 1 ​​Tankōbon) 
  • Ring ni Kakero 2 (2000-2009, 26 Tankōbon) 
  • Saint Seiya - Next Dimension - Myth of Hades (2006-, 12 Tankōbon - ongoing) 
  • Ai no Jidai - Indigo period (2015, 1 Tankōbon) 
  • Saint Seiya Episode Zero/Origin (2018/19, special chapters that delve into some events of the original Saint Seiya manga, dedicated to the characters of Aiolos, Saga, Kanon, in which the goddess Ker also appears for the first time)

 Source: Wikipedia, adaptation: Frank Cat