Yokoyamawas born in Hiroshima on March 17, 1935 and graduated as a composer from the Kunitachi National Conservatory in 1957.

He made his debut in the field of animation in 1970 with The Adventures of Ape Magà, writing the final theme and completely scoring the soundtrack of its sequel, The Return of Ape Magà.

He has set to music many masterpieces of Japanese animation including the first series of Captain Harlock (based on a manga by Leiji Matsumoto, an author who pays great attention to the soundtracks of his anime), to continue with all the series and films of the Knights of the Zodiac.

Able to range between numerous styles (from excited to melancholic rhythm), he was inspired by romantic authors such as Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler or Johann Sebastian Bach; in his compositions he uses both classical and modern instruments (such as the mandolin, the ocarina or the electric guitar).

The music from the Asgard saga of the Knights of the Zodiac was particularly appreciated by the public, capable of enhancing and emphasizing the glacial and evocative atmosphere of the landscape and history.

Also very famous in Italy is the melody of the ocarina (the "Mayu Theme") present in the first series of Captain Harlock, where the musical instrument of Italian origin (the ocarina was in fact created in Budrio, in the province of Bologna) is assigned a first-rate role. The "Mayu Theme" was performed live in Budrio during the 2019 edition of the International Ocarina Festival, called "Ocarina Festival Budrio".

Yokoyama died on July 8, 2017 due to pneumonia.

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Main works:

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  • 1970 - The adventures of Ape Magà 
  • 1974- The return of the Ape Magà 
  • 1978 - Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock 
  • 1982 - Attack of the Super Monsters 
  • 1986 - The Knights of the Zodiac 
  • 1987 - Chôjinki Metalder 
  • 1987 - Knights of the Zodiac: The Goddess of Discord 
  • 1988 - Knights of the Zodiac: The Fiery Clash of the Gods 
  • 1988 - Knights of the Zodiac: Legend of the Scarlet Warriors 
  • 1989 - Knights of the Zodiac: The Last Battle 
  • 1990 - Tokkei Winspector 
  • 1992 - Sangokushi 
  • 1994 - The most beautiful fairy tales 
  • 2002 - Knights of the Zodiac - Saint Seiya - Hades 
  • 2004 - Knights of the Zodiac: The Gates of Heaven
Source: Wikipedia